Jon Brion Had To Make Mac Miller Sing The Chorus On ‘Good News’ From His New Album ‘Circles’

As most do when their favorite musician unexpectedly passes away, fans of Mac Miller hoped to hear one last body of work from him crafted in the best Mac Miller-esque light possible. Thanks to his estate and the help of producer Jon Brion, Miller’s first posthumous album, Circles, arrived this past Friday and was met with mostly positive reviews and bittersweet happiness from fans.

Jon Brion recently sat down with Craig Jenkins from Vulture to discuss the album and its development from the early stages to its release. In the interview Brion begins with the first few times he sat with Miller and heard his music. “In his first four or five visits to me, he played four or five different songs every time. I’d be totally impressed…”

Brion also spoke on many of the musical decisions he pushed Mac to make. During the recording stages, Miller and Brion began working on a track that we now know as “Good News.” After singing the song’s chorus aloud, Brion told Miller to get on the mic to have it recorded, but he was a bit uneasy about the track. “Ah, I’m not sure. Maybe that could be a whole different song” Brion recalled Mac saying. In a “rare moment of really trying to put my foot down” as Brion described it, he pushed him to lay down that chorus saying, “No, that’s your chorus. That’s great,” and the rest is history.

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Circles is out now on Warner Records. Get it here.

Mac Miller is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.