Priyanka Chopra Stars In The Video For The Jonas Brothers’ Outrageously Catchy New Single ‘Sucker’

Oh, how the tables have turned.

The Jonas Brothers are back, baby. Nick, Joe, and Kevin have released new music for the first time since their disbandment in 2013. The wildly catchy “Sucker” is a fitting re-introduction to one of the most iconic pop groups of the 21st century.

The Jo Bros’ last album, Lines, Vines, And Trying Times, was released in 2009, though they kept busy together for a few years after that, appearing with Demi Lovato in the Camp Rock films and their Disney Channel scripted series Jonas. Since disbanding in 2013 (I’d say “break up,” but since they’re brothers, you have to assume they still see each other sometimes), the Jonas Brothers have followed wildly divergent career paths. Nick Jonas released two solo albums as a proto-Timberlake R&B-pop star, acted on the TV series Scream Queens, and recently married actress Priyanka Chopra. Meanwhile, Joe’s band DNCE had a pretty big hit in 2015 with “Cake By The Ocean,” and Kevin starred in a reality show on E! for a spell. Chopra and Joe’s financé Sophie Turner show up in this brand new video, full of enormous dresses and a fancy castle that looks remarkably like the one from The Favorite

While all of them were pretty successful solo, it’s great to have The Jonas Brothers back. Boy bands have been a cultural phenomenon for as long as pop music has existed, but the Jonas’ punky, slightly rebellious sound paved the way for Justin Bieber, One Direction, and BTS to follow. Their mid-’00s singles slapped, and “Sucker” is a fine return to form.

Watch the video for the Jonas Brothers’ single “Sucker” above.