Joseph Gordon-Levitt Would Like You To Join His Band If That’s Something You Might Be Into

At this point it seems there is nothing Joseph Gordon-Levitt can’t do. His film career is thriving, he can rock a suit like nobody’s business, and he’s proven himself to be a next-level celebrity lip-syncher. Not only can JGL fake-sing really well, however, he can also for-real sing really well, and the actor/musician/dashing Yoda cosplayer has taken to Facebook to invite us normals to join in on the fun.

In a video posted to his site earlier today, the Snowden actor can be seen setting up a drum set in an eerily clean subway terminal. Clad in his trademark slim-fit suit, he then proceeds to bang out an impressive percussive display, made all the more so by the fact his skills are reportedly self-taught. The brief performance is part of the 35-year-old’s “Everyday, Spectacular” project, a musical challenge that encourages artists to demonstrate their unique talents in unconventional spaces. “Do you play Bass, Percussion, Horns — or any other kind of musical instrument?” Gordon-Levitt asks in a comment accompanying the video. “I’m looking for musicians (and vocalists, too!) to perform on this track w/ me.”

JGL founded his production company HitRecord in 2004, which serves as the online home of his collaborate projects. The website allows users to sample and mix one another’s work and even offers financial compensation to artists. Although, really, making sweet music with Mr. Gordon-Levitt is a reward in itself.

(Via E! News)