Juice WRLD’s Playstation-Themed ‘Hear Me Calling’ Video Puts Him In A Literal Death Race For Love

Juice WRLD’s video for “Hear Me Calling” takes the Playstation-themed title and cover of his new album, Death Race For Love, literally, as he races to save his lady from a villainous ice cream truck. Fortunately for Juice, he’s got the help of some nifty power-ups, including a floating mine and a minigun, as well as a tricked-out armored Jeep that looks like something out of Twisted Metal. The nostalgia factor is definitely high with this one — check it out above.

The video, produced by Juice’s own label Grade A and Prettybird, features some intense, video game-inspired CGI, as well as a final chase scene that sees Juice. racing the clock to defeat his foe and save the day. There’s also a pretty odd, uncanny valley moment at the end, where you can’t quite tell whether Juice’s “girlfriend” is real or animated, a clever trick of editing that plays with the video’s overall theme of trying to separate fantasy from reality.

Juice just released his super-sized sophomore album, Death Race For Love, an emo-rap follow-up to last year’s breakout debut, Goodbye & Good Riddance. Its first single, “Robbery,” also received a clever video produced by Lyrical Lemonade.

Death Race For Love is out now via Interscope and Grade A. Get it here.