Julien Baker Is Searching For Something She’s Lost In Her Haunting ‘Appointments’ Video

Next month, on October 27, Julien Baker will drop her highly anticipated sophomore album, Turn Out The Lights. A little while back, she gave her fans a small taste of the record via the first single “Appointments,” and today, has doubled down on that track thanks to a stunning new video.

Directed by Sophia Peer, who has worked with artists like Parmore and The National, “Appointments” is a rather somber visual experience, finding Baker on the search for something, or more accurately someone that she’s lost. As it turned out, the actual act of creating the short film was an poignant experience for Baker, shot, as it was, in her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

“It felt very full circle to return to Memphis to work on this, I’m so proud of Memphis and wanted to show off the immense artistry that I see there,” She said in a press release. “Not only were [choreographer] Christina [McKinney] and many of the characters in the video friends, but the crew also included many people I have known and worked with for years. All the scenes and locations are also central to Memphis, I think Sophia did such a good job of preserving the intimate feel of the video by shooting it with people/in locations that had significance to me, and I’m so thankful. The most gratifying part of making music is its ability to be shared and belong to more people than myself, and it was very meaningful to make something with and for other people, to take something as personal as this song and invite others in, allow them to contribute their ‘thing,’ whatever it may be.”

You can watch the “Appointments” video above.