Just Blaze Addresses Kanye West Calling Him His Archenemy: ‘There’s A Friendship There’

Earlier this year, Kanye West‘s three-part docu-series, Jeen-Yuhs, premiered on Netflix. The docu-series spans over 20 years of his career, including his time collaborating with producer Just Blaze at Roc-A-Fella records. At one point in the documentary, Ye calls Blaze his best friend and his archenemy.

On an episode of Uproxx’s The People’s Party With Talib Kweli podcast, Blaze spoke with the host, revealing that he understands where the comments came from.

“I can see why he would look at it as the ‘archnemesis’ thing,” Blaze said to Kweli. “I guess it kinda was that, ’cause a lot of archnemeses…a lot of times they’re actually guys that are friends. Most of the classic super-villain/superhero stories, there’s a friendship there.”

Blaze continued, saying, “Some people like to spin the narrative, ‘Oh, they were super competitive, they were out there duking it out,’ I never, I honestly never looked at it like that. Like, he would call me to ask me, ‘Yo, how did you get your horns to sound like this on this record, I’m trying to figure that out,’ right?”

Elsewhere in the episode, Blaze revealed that he and West haven’t spoken in a while, not out of bad blood, but rather due to going separate paths. Though in 2021, West accused Blaze of copying his production style, though Blaze remained peaceful on the matter.

Check out the full episode above.