Watch Justin Bieber Do Adorable Pushups In His Jail Cell With Footage From His Miami Arrest

Footage from Justin Bieber’s Miami drag racing arrest and detainment is finally being made public, so you can see with your own eyes that Justin Bieber really for real did live the hard knock life for ten whole hours. Did Grandmaster B curl up in the fetal position we all assumed he did and cry like a baby? Hell no, he did pushups. In his jail cell. Like a badass. No, like a MAN. Now I totally get why all those rappers and hip hop guys hang out with him. Not because of all of the questionable tail or money or sizzurp or UFO mansions in the world — but because Justin Bieber is the kind of guy who does big boy pushups in his jail cell and doesn’t even cry about it. Respect.

H/T, Defamer

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