Justin Bieber Was Booed Hilariously After Winning The Fan Favorite Award At Canada's Juno Awards

Canada’s big music awards ceremony, the Junos, were held Sunday night, which Justin Bieber couldn’t be bothered to attend because you’re welcome, Canada! At any rate, despite his missed attendance, Bieber won the prestigious “Juno Fan Choice,” prompting audience members to boo the crap out of him. Hahahahahaha.

From the Huffington Post:

While the fans at the Junos were clearly not on Justin’s side Sunday night, some other pop stars voiced their support. One of the show’s hosts, musician Serena Ryder, spoke in favor of Bieber during her own acceptance speech, and fellow Canadians Tegan and Sara spoke out on the crowd’s reaction backstage, saying the boos were “not very Canadian.”

“I think that Justin Bieber is actually a very talented artist and I think a lot of people just like to pile on and sort of make fun of him, but we have to remember that he has a mom and a dad and a grandma and a grandpa and he’s actually really talented,” Tegan said. “He’s been famous since he was a little kid. He’s made some mistakes, but God knows Sara and I have made actually way worse mistakes when we were teenagers and we weren’t famous.”

I love how Justin Bieber elicits such a strong reaction that it makes Canada forget how to even be Canada. And she’s got a point, I was just saying as much, that the ages of seventeen through twenty-three are arguably about the dumbest and worst years of a person’s life. If I revealed some of the horrible, depraved things I did during that period UPROXX would probably burn the website to the ground and salt the earth — and Justin Bieber is smack right in the middle of it. The difference between your average 20-year-old moron and Justin Bieber though, is about $130 million dollars and an ego the size of Quebec — province, not city. The mocking stands.