Justin Bieber’s Friends Insist He’s Not Quitting Music

Canadian pop colossus/tragicomic entertainment news fixture Justin Bieber found his career to be the subject of intense speculation when he axed the remainder of his globetrotting Purpose World Tour. Early reports included the claim that The Biebs was packing in his recording superstar life to focus on religion, reports that were swiftly denied by Bieber. According to a new TMZ report, Beliebers can rest easy knowing that quitting music is not what Justin Bieber has in mind.

TMZ spoke with sources close to Bieber and they say the “Love Yourself” singer isn’t giving up performing music. He’s just seeking a hiatus. “Sources connected to his inner circle” say that while Bieber’s still planning on dedicating his life to his faith, he told them it won’t be preventing him for working his craft. There haven’t been any new recordings from Bieber since his de facto tour finale over “unforeseen circumstances,” but it’s expected he’ll return in the future.

One change you may see in the post-stoppage Biebs is battling fatigue with a less strenuous touring schedule. (Considering that he’s been on the promo treadmill since his teen beginnings, you can’t blame the guy for wanting to not collapse in a heap.) Enormo multiyear stadium tours will likely be a thing of the past, say the Bieber sources. If there’s a bright side for Beliebers beyond “this is not the end,” it’s that it’s sorta impossible not to come in contact with Justin Bieber this summer.

(Via TMZ)