John Mayer’s Comments On Justin Bieber’s Tour Cancelation Are A Thoughtful Reminder Of How Hard Touring Can Be

Following some weird speculation about Justin Bieber’s tour cancelation announcement, namely that it was tied to a religious awakening and the hopes of starting his own church — which Bieber later denied — John Mayer has weighed in on the whole situation with some surprisingly wise input. (I know, I was surprised too.) Last night on Twitter, Mayer must have gotten a little bored because he decided to go on Twitter and respond to a bunch of fans. However, his tweets turned a little serious when it came to the subject of the Biebs.

As a touring artist himself, Mayer gave a perspective on the pressures of performing as an artist, and what it really means when an artist cancels their tour:

Of course, Mayer is referring to artists like Chris Cornell and Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington who both chose to take their lives earlier this year. Cornell was in the middle of a tour with Soundgarden, and Bennington and his band were about to embark on one.

Though he’s often being silly or lighthearted in his Twitter feed, Mayer’s point is well-timed and a fantastic reminder to be more conscious about the pressures of fame and performing, especially given how deeply they can impact an artist’s psyche. All our good wishes are with Bieber.

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