Justin Bieber Said ‘F*ck Bill Clinton’ After Taking A Piss Into A Restaurant Mop Bucket

Of Bill “The Sports Guy” Simmons’s many terms that he’s struggled to coin over the years, the only one that I put any stock into is the Tyson Zone. Basically, it means that you’d believe any story told about a single celebrity; there is nothing they could do to shock or surprise you anymore. Courtney Love robbing Chili’s? Sure. Andy Dick raping a panda in the middle of a Filene’s Basement? Makes sense. Justin Bieber cursing out Bill Clinton after taking a leak into a restaurant mop bucket? That one actually happened, and it’s caught on video by TMZ.

Maybe the Tyson Zone isn’t right for Bieber — he’s in a douchey category of his own.

(Via TMZ)