Australian Sources Think Justin Bieber Canceled His ‘Purpose’ Tour To Start His Own Church

07.25.17 1 year ago 2 Comments

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Just yesterday, it was announced that Justin Bieber canceled the rest of his “Purpose” world tour due to “unforeseen circumstances,” which is about as vague as an explanation can get. However, Australian TV host Richard Wilkins thinks he knows the real reason why Bieber abandoned his global trek months before it was scheduled to wrap up: To “reconnect with his faith” and potentially start his own church.

Citing a source at the annual Hillsong Church Conference in Sydney, Wilkins said (via NME):

“I am led to believe that the real reason he has come off the road is because he wants to reconnect with his faith and he may be even planning to start his own church. We know that he was in the country a few weeks ago having meetings and attending the big Hillsong convention that they had here. [He’s] very close to a lot of the Hillsong people. Whether he’s looking at teaming up with them in something of a more permanent situation or doing some sort of religious activity on his own — starting his own church — we’re not quite sure, but that’s the word from an inside source.”

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