Watch Justin Bieber Lecture His Fans Because They’ve Got No Rhythm

First, Justin Bieber walked out of an interview. Then, he walked out of his own concert because fans just wouldn’t leave him alone. And now, the Bieber has finally reached his breaking point. The singer, who’s been on a downward publicity spiral since his return to the stage, was singing an acoustic version of his latest hit “What Do You Mean” when he just had to stop and tell his audience to quit clapping along. Or, you know, at least clap on the beat if they were going to clap at all.

The tell-off, which begins at around 2:30 starts with Justin telling the audience to “stop, stop, stop” followed by a short lesson on where the beat of the song is. Personally, I couldn’t really tell the difference, but I’m not an artist so I don’t know. What’s a little bit worrying, though, is how clearly upset Bieber is. Cosmopolitan points out that he “giggled” during his interlude, but it’s the kind of giggle when you know that the person doing it is just so done with you they can’t even keep it together anymore.

Bieber’s known for being a bit hard to handle, but this latest spate of frustrating behavior is coming hard and fast. At least the fans got their act together long enough for him to finish the song. I don’t know what’s going on with The Biebster, but I blame the Kate Gosselin do he’s been rocking. You know that hair has evil powers, right? Get a buzz-cut, Justin! Before it’s too late!

(Via Cosmopolitan)