Some Guy Got An ‘I Love Justin Bieber’ Tramp Stamp, But Wait Until You Find Out Why

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Yup, a guy by the name of Jamie Young got a tramp stamp dedicated to the Purpose singer… all for charity.

Speaking with the Metro UK, Jamie explained how the entire idea came to fruition.

“Last year I was working as a doorman, but this year I was asked to help with organizing the event,” Jamie said. “I decided to help raise more money for charity I would come up with a stunt and do something stupid so I got the idea of getting this tattoo.”

“I then posted on Facebook if we raise £1,000 for charity then I would get a tattoo saying ‘I love Justin Bieber.’ When I came down to it we had people paying £2 more on the door just to help us get over the £1,000 mark.”

Well, Jamie ended up making around $1,500, all of the proceeds going to the Make Some Noise charity, which helps disadvantaged children in the UK.

As for the Justin Bieber tramp stamp, the tattoo joins several other ones that Jamie has, including a Playboy Bunny logo, Hello Kitty logo, and a few Pokémon characters. It’s unknown why Jamie specifically chose the Canadian pop singer as his tattoo inspiration, but maybe it’ll lead to him and Bieber becoming BFFs or something.

(Via Complex)