Is Justin Bieber The World’s Most Hated Pop Star? An Investigation.

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As much as Darren Rovell wishes to the contrary, hate can’t truly be quantified. What is hate? No mind. What is mind? No matter. But that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to try to put a numerical figure on how much the world hates someone! Today’s target: Justin Bieber, and how the Beibest of bros compares to other singers and bands that are both very, very popular and very, very hated. (Also, the Beatles.) The formula is simple and 100% SCIENTIFIC: type “[NAME] sucks,” “hate [NAME],” and “[NAME] is the worst” into Google, and keep track of the number of search results. It’s not a perfect system, but neither is the music industry for letting Bieber happen, so.

(Note: the numbers are up or down, so 1,394,000 becomes 1.4 million and 1,339,029 is listed as 1.3 million.)

Limp Bizkit

“limp bizkit sucks”: 7,510
“hate limp bizkit”: 37,600
“limp bizkit is the worst”: 40,300

Total: 85,410

Insane Clown Posse

“insane clown posse sucks”: 20,400
“hate insane clown posse”: 52,400
“insane clown posse is the worst”: 30,300

Total: 103,100


“nickelback sucks”: 22,100
“hate nickelback”: 23,500
“nickelback is the worst”: 184,000

Total: 229,600

Chris Brown

“chris brown sucks”: 82,200
“hate chris brown”: 251,000
“chris brown is the worst”: 140,000

Total: 473,200

Black Eyed Peas

“black eyed peas suck”: 24,900
“hate black eyed peas”: 465,000
“black eyed peas are the worst”: 74,500

Total: 564,4000

The Beatles

“the beatles suck”: 191,000
“hate the beatles”: 316,000
“the beatles are the worst”: 416,000

Total: 923,000

Taylor Swift

“taylor swift sucks”: 190,000
“hate taylor swift”: 648,000
“taylor swift is the worst”: 95,200

Total: 933,200

Kanye West

“kanye west sucks”: 473,000
“hate kanye west”: 354,000
“kanye west is the worst”: 1.2 million

Total: 2 million

Miley Cyrus

“miley cyrus sucks”: 380,000
“hate miley cyrus”: 1.8 million
“miley cyrus is the worst”: 152,000

Total: 2.3 million

Lady Gaga

“lady gaga sucks”: 249,000
“hate lady gaga”: 801,000
“lady gaga is the worst”: 1.7 million

Total: 2.8 million

Justin Bieber

“justin bieber sucks”: 1.4 million
“hate justin bieber”: 12.6 million
“justin bieber is the worst”: 367,000

Total: 14.4 million

It’s fair to call Bieber the world’s most reviled pop star. For what it’s worth: “die justin bieber”: 671,000


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