Making A Musician: The Continual Rise Of Justin Timberlake

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Only a handful of artists have had a number one album. Even fewer can also boast a successful acting career in drama and comedy, as well as multiple Grammy awards. Only one can claim all of the above, as well as a record-breaking run in one of the biggest pop groups in history. Though it may sound like hyperbole, it’s just true that Justin Timberlake is one-of-a-kind artist in a world filled with people aspiring to achieve what he has managed to do.

It’s tough to achieve that much in a lifetime, so it is a marvel that Timberlake turns just 35 years old on Sunday, January 31. To commemorate the birthday of the current King of Pop, as well as the 20th anniversary of the formation of the legendary Boy Band, *NSYNC, we’ve created a timeline from Justin’s birth in 1981 to today to celebrate all the major moments that have shaped the successful career of the quintessential pop star of today. Take a stroll through the life of Justin Randall Timberlake and enjoy the major moments that shaped a career for the ages.

1992 – Launch of an Epic Career

January 31, 1981 is the birthdate of Justin Randall Timberlake. This date marks the beginning of the timeline tracking the ascension of today’s definition of the consummate entertainer. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Justin’s main influences growing up stemmed from country music. His first national exposure was from the talent competition Star Search in 1992, where he performed “Love’s Got A Hold on You” by Alan Jackson. Timberlake performed the country hit with a cowboy hat, boots, and a giant belt buckle. While he didn’t win the competition that night, his talent was on display for all in attendance to see.

1993 – Finding the Spotlight with the ’90s Mickey Mouse Club

Looking back to the early 1990s, it seems unimaginable that a major group of entertainment talent in the late ’90s and early 2000s came from one TV show that aired on the Disney Channel. The 1989 to 1996 edition of The Mickey Mouse Club helped to launch the acting and musical careers of Keri Russell, Ryan Gosling, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and several others. In this highly competitive space to showcase acting chops, slick dance moves and pop vocals, it became clear that Justin Timberlake belonged among the top young talent in the entertainment industry. Timberlake was a prominent contributor on the show from 1993 to 1995 and used his two years as a launching pad for his musical success. He met JC Chasez while on the show, whose relationship with Justin led directly to the creation of *NSYNC.

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