Kacey Musgraves Drank Tequila Out Of A Glass Slipper On Stage In Australia

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For the past few days, Kacey Musgraves has been in Australia for a run of shows. She made headlines for a strange reason during her Sydney show, after she refused to drink alcohol out of a shoe, an Australian tradition that over there is known as a “shoey.” Although Sydney didn’t get to see Musgraves do a shoey, she made the audience at her Melbourne show pretty happy by doing one there.

Between songs, Musgraves said, “I guess maybe in Sydney I wasn’t really in the mood, but it’s our last show, so…” She then trailed off as she walked towards to back of the stage to grab a glass slipper and a bottle of tequila, which got the crowd cheering. One of her band members then took a swig from the bottle, poured some tequila into the slipper, and Musgraves sent it down the hatch as the crowd chanted her name. After she did the deed, she again addressed the audience, “So, basically, you’re welcome.”

In Sydney, the crowd chanted “shoey, shoey,” in an effort to get Musgraves to do it then, but she refused, flashing her open-toed stiletto sandals and saying, “News flash: that wouldn’t work for me.” One fan offered up their own footwear for shoey purposes, to which Musgraves (rightfully) responded, “I’m not f*cking drinking out of your shoe!”

It turns out that Musgraves isn’t opposed to the shoey as a concept, just the conditions she found herself in during the Sydney show. Now that Musgraves has finally done a shoey, check it out above.

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