You Probably Haven’t Heard (Or Seen) Anything Like This On A Stage Before

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Kaki King’s set is a trip. Something you’d expect to see in an art gallery or a dream. On stage, she’s the puppet master, pulling strings, controlling the images the audience sees with every pluck of her guitar. That makes every show; every set; every note unique to the stage on which she plays.

Dave Grohl took notice when King opened for Foo Fighters in London’s O2 Arena, saying “There are some guitar players that are good, and there are some guitar players that are really f*cking good. And then there’s Kaki King.”

And you’ve heard of Dave Grohl, haven’t you?

Watch her art in the clip above from the music video “The Surface Changes” from her album, The Neck Is a Bridge to the Body — and don’t forget to watch Kaki’s full episode on the Uproxx original series, Uncharted.

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