Kamaiyah’s Vibrant ‘Successful’ Video Finally Gets An Official Release After She Leaked It Herself

It took a little over the week we were promised, but Kamaiyah’s “Successful” video has finally received an official release after she leaked it early in frustration with delays at her label Interscope. It looks like whatever bugs were holding things up have been worked out, and now the sunny, celebratory video can live forever in all its glory.

It’s exactly the kind of fun, California house party music the only woman rapper from the 2017 XXL Freshman cover has built her reputation on, with a bouncy, funky beat and motivational, jubilant lyrics celebrating the reversal of fortune for the rapper from Oakland. The vibrant visual perfectly matches the exultant mood of the song, with all the jet ski racing and luxurious foreign automobile stunting you’d expect from a video to a song called “Successful.”

Now that the video has been officially released, maybe it will gain enough traction to secure a date for the similarly delayed mixtape, Don’t Ever Get It Twisted, the long-awaited follow-up to her highly acclaimed debut, A Good Night In The Ghetto, which featured hit records like “How Does It Feel” and the YG-guest-appearance-sporting “F*ck It Up.” We’ll keep our fingers crossed, as hip-hop — and the world — could use a little more of Yaya’s exuberant, party-ready positivity.