Kamaiyah Speaks Out Against Rap’s Glorification Of Drug Abuse: ‘Why Are You A F*cking Addict?’

For whatever reason, the number of rappers in hip-hop who rap about drug abuse seems to be increasing by the day. From Future and Young Thug to Lil Pump, Lil Peep, Yung Lean, and the rest, hip-hop seems to spend more and more time celebrating rappers for abusing painkillers, prescription anxiety pills, and cough syrup mixed with soda (aka “lean”) in direct defiance to statistics that show that rap actually has fewer direct drug references than many other genres. However, that trend seems to reversing lately, thanks to outspoken anti-drug messages from Russ, Vince Staples, and now, Kamaiyah.

In her appearance in Mass Appeal‘s Open Space series this week, the always-upbeat, Bay Area MC decried the abuse of drugs by young rappers. “All you n—-s gon’ sip lean? All you n—-s gon’ pop Xanax? You gon’ sniff all these pills and powder and shit together?” She questioned. She also noted the largely negative effect that it was having on those rappers’ live performances as well. “Then you wonder why you kinda slow and boring on stage? C’mon, bro, you killing yourself. Slow down. And you’re so young! Why are you a f*cking addict? Live life. You 17. You ain’t even experienced no real problems yet. Imagine waking up with two kids and no money in your pocket and the lights off. That’s a problem.” She also spends talks about the importance of hard work in reaching goals, old school house parties, and “Drake showing up at her house in the Drakiest way possible.”

Kamaiyah isn’t the only one speaking out against rampant drug use — or at least the appearance of it. Rappers from Lil Yachty to Logic are beginning to advocate for clean and sober living, citing their enjoyment of life being heightened by being able to experience it without the perception-altering effects of drugs. As for the Yung Leans and Lil Peeps of the world, they’d do well to take note of some of the recent losses hip-hop has suffered in ASAP Yams tragic overdose and other legends’ ruined careers and quit while they’re ahead — and alive.