Kanye West Hops On Fox News To Address Criticism Over His In-Store Presentation Of Yeezy Gap

For his Yeezy Gap Engineered By Balenciaga line of clothing, Kanye West has received some criticism when it comes to the in-store presentation: The items are kept in large, black bags that have been likened by some to trash bags. Now, Ye has addressed the criticism, using a Fox News interview to do so.

On Fox & Friends today (August 18), the show’s Eric Shawn spoke to West at the Gap store in Times Square and asked, “Do you understand some people have felt that putting clothes in bags is insensitive, perhaps, to homeless and other people?” West answered, “Look, man: I’m an innovator, and I’m not here to sit up and apologize about my ideas. That’s exactly what the media tries to do: Make us apologize for any idea that doesn’t fall under exactly the way they want us to think.”

He went on to note, “This is, like, not a joke. This is not a game. This is not just some celebrity collaboration. This is my life, you know? I’m fighting for a position to be able to change clothing and bring the best design to the people.”

Shawn also reported Ye told him his goal was to make clothing that’s “more egalitarian and not as pretentious,” and that people shouldn’t “clown the creators” because that will “make innovators and other designers” “less brave.” Shawn also noted that West wants to “make life easier and informal so that we can all, basically, dress in the dark.”

Check out the interview above.