A Filmmaker Is Accusing Kanye West Of Ripping Him Off In The ‘All Of The Lights’ Music Video

It hasn’t been a good week for pop stars looking to stay out of court. Taylor Swift is being sued over “Shake It Off,” Demi Lovato got caught blatantly lifting some Sleigh Bells, and now Kanye West is being called out by filmmaker Gaspar Noé over the music video for his song “All of the Lights.”

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Noé comes after the music video director Hype Williams for allegedly lifting ideas for “All of the Lights” from Noe’s drugged-out film Enter the Void. At issue is Void‘s credit sequence, which happens to look a lot like “Lights.”

Via the story:

“The director [Hype Williams] was someone else who ripped off the titles to my movie,’ he said. ‘I was more shocked by the fact that that guy who copied all the typography of my titles put his name in it—Hype Williams—when you never usually see a director’s name in a music video. He was putting his name on it over and over! It was so weird that he was not only copying it, but adding his name into the credits over and over again…”

‘The truth is that when you put something out there, if you put any idea out there that’s kind of flashy, you have many, many people that are going to be copying it.’ ”

Check them out side-by-side in this YouTube video (which makes the questionable decision to play a herky-jerky medley of Kanye songs instead of the actual song, but no matter).