Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’ Is Reportedly Releasing At The Same Time As His Detroit Fox Theatre Concert

So, Kanye West’s ninth album Jesus Is King still hasn’t dropped yet despite being scheduled for release today, September 27, according to Kim Kardashian, and fans are still pretty mad about it, but it looks like some lucky fans in Detroit may be getting a decent consolation prize. This afternoon, Detroit’s Fox Theatre announced via Twitter that Kanye will present something called “Jesus Is King: A Kanye West Experience” tonight at 8 PM.

There’s no indication yet exactly what this experience will consist of — an album listening or a special, primetime rendition of his Sunday Service exhibition, perhaps — but the Fox is recommending early arrival, with doors to open at 6:30 PM and the line likely growing down the block as you read this. Seriously though, if you’re planning on buying tickets, you should get moving. Tickets are sold out online, but may be available at the box office.

Expect to lose access to your cell phone for a couple of hours as well. Yondr pouches are being provided, which means the details of the experience will be kept under tight wraps. Whether that means a preview of the completed album or just a two-hour, Kanye MAGA rant, there’s no doubt the mystery will grip music fans’ attention until the experience is finally made public.

Update: Apparently, the Jesus Is King album will release tonight at 8PM EST alongside the Jesus Is King Experience concert in Detroit. According to Trevian Kutti, one of Kanye’s publicists who reported this information via Instagram, the album “will drop at 8PM.” With a little extrapolation, it can be assumed the release is being timed to the Experience, which will presumably include some sort of visual component that Kanye’s team will release at a later date.

So, we’ll see if Kanye really does manage to make good at the eleventh hour and whether or not his ninth effort is really worth the wait.