Kanye West Fans Bring Out The Clown Memes After ‘Jesus Is King’ Fails To Release As Promised

Disappointed, but not the least bit surprised. That would seem to be the best way to describe Kanye West fans as they woke today to discover that the rapper’s ninth album, Jesus Is King, failed to materialize as promised. While there were plenty of indications that the projected release date had become sketchy and a history of last-minute pushbacks and pump fakes to contend with, many still held out hope that Kanye would pull off a river miracle and get the album out as expected.

Those listeners have turned, as usual, to memes as a source of solace as they flooded Twitter with photos of clowns — the unofficial meme du jour for disappointment, contempt, and skepticism lately — and complaints that they’d yet again fallen into the trap of believing in Kanye. Meanwhile, some joked that this sort of thing has become par for the course for Kanye, like this image of the napping rapper captioned, “How Kanye is sleeping knowing he didn’t release Jesus Is King.”

Some referenced Kanye’s back catalog, both as a nostalgic callback and as a reaction to “waking up to no kanye album”:

One particularly enterprising soul went so far as to mock up a fake Apple Music playlist in a video, only to troll with some classic carnival clown music:

And so, yet another Kanye West release date has arrived with no album in sight. Of course, there’s still time for him to push the project onto DSPs and still fulfill his promise, so don’t give up hope, Kanye fans. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same result is not really the definition of insanity — and besides, we aren’t calling people “crazy” anymore. See you at Sunday Service.

Check out more memes lamenting the lack of new music below.