Fans Say Kanye West Confirmed His ‘Jesus Is King’ Album Will Be Released October 25

Kanye West‘s forthcoming record, Jesus Is King, has missed several release dates. But fans who attended his album’s preview session say he’s confirmed another date, and it’s in less than two weeks.

The listening party was held at George Washington University in D.C. Those who attended were some of the first to hear his record in a phone-free setting. Apparently, Kanye addressed the crowd during the event and said his long-awaited gospel LP will arrive in conjunction with his IMAX documentary on October 25.

One fan said that during the screening, Kanye read scripture and did confirm the date. That said, he’s still working on fine-tuning some of the music.

Another attendee confirmed the October 25 report.

Jesus Is King was originally slated for a September 27 release and then was pushed back a few days before the release was delayed indefinitely. No one from Kanye’s team has confirmed the October 25 date yet, but he continues to host listening parties and Sunday Service events. After the album was pushed back without a concrete date, reports surfaced that he was still tweaking songs and has announced he is only making gospel music from now on.

Even if Kanye’s indefinite delay lasts longer than the end of October, he’s releasing an IMAX documentary chronicling the making of his Sunday Service events. The documentary also reportedly follows his affordable housing efforts in California.