Kanye West Claims Kim Kardashian Won’t Let Him Bring Their Kids To A Basketball Game In Chicago

The public dispute between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is now on its second day. It began when Kanye shared an Instagram post claiming that Kim was letting their daughter North West use TikTok against his wishes. Now, the rapper is saying that Kim is refusing to let him fly their kids to Chicago so that they can watch his basketball team, Donda Academy, play.

“I WANT TO BRING MY KIDS TO MY HOME TOWN OF CHICAGO TO SEE MY BASKETBALL TEAM PLAY FOR 7 THOUSAND PEOPLE AND KIM IS STOPPING THAT,” Kanye wrote in the post. “HOW IS THIS JOINT CUSTODY?” He shared the message with what appeared to be a screenshot from his upcoming Netflix documentary Jeen-Yuhs.

Kanye’s post comes hours after he thanks far right pundit Candace Owens for being the “only noteworthy” person to defend him in his stance against North using TikTok. “THANK YOU CANDACE FOR BEING THE ONLY NOTEWORTHY PERSON TO SPEAK ON THIS ISSUE,” he said before later adding, “I WILL NO LONGER PUT MY HAND THROUGH A BLENDER TO HUG MY CHILDREN.”

Kim’s responses to Kanye’s claims have been limited. In her first and only statement so far, she said his constant attacks against her are more harmful than North’s TikTok use.