Kanye West Was Entirely Silver For His ‘Mary’ Opera, And The Internet Had Some Hilarious Reactions

Near the end of 2019, Kanye West has staged more operas than anybody probably expected at the start of 2019. One opera would have met that quota, but this past weekend, Kanye followed up Nebuchadnezzar with Mary. The production took place on a floating barge in Miami Marine Stadium, and the most notable takeaway is that for the show, Kanye was silver from head to toe, including his skin.

Pitchfork notes that the performance was only accessible by boat, and that everybody on stage was all silvered out, aside from a few characters, like Mary, who instead wore green. Like in Nebuchadnezzar, Kanye read gospel passages out loud, and the cast acted out excerpts from the books of Matthew and Luke. Musically, the show featured new arrangements of Kanye songs including “Devil In A New Dress,” “Love Lockdown,” “Power,” “I Thought About Killing You,” and “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” as well as Christmas songs like “O Holy Night,” “Gloria In Excelsis Deo,” and “Drummer Boy.”

All the internet could talk about was the photos of the all-silver Kanye, though. He drew comparisons to Silver Surfer, a baked potato, Tobias Fünke from Arrested Development, and more. Check out some of the funniest reactions below.