You Have To Hear This Mashup Of Kanye West And Queens Of The Stone Age


If Yeezus taught us anything, it’s that Kanye West will never stop being completely, unapologetically himself. He enjoys being a fly in the punch bowl and relishes confrontation, crafting both his personal brand and his songs around a mantra of “Oh, you’re mad? Good.”

With that in mind, I have to think that ‘Ye would enjoy Kanye Of The Stone Age, a mashup album by ToToM that pairs Queen of the Stone Age riffs with Kanye’s most famous bars. We’ve seen Kanye mashed up with rock artists before but Josh Homme is a godhead to the sort of rock purists who protest Kanye getting the headlining slot at Glastonbury. The only way to up the level of trolling would be to lay “Monster” over some Dave Grohl (though Grohl seemed to get it when he said the petition is only “fueling Kanye’s f*cking fire.”)

It also helps that Kanye Of The Stone Age is pretty good. The urgent barking of “Black Skinhead” over “Do It Again” reveals just how punk Kanye’s original was and the choir samples of “Jesus Walks” mesh surprisingly well with QOTSA staple “Go With The Flow.”

Check it out below (and if you like it enough, it’s available for free right here):

(Via A.V. Club)