Kanye West Game Challenges You To Keep Him Out Of His Zone

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Kanye West is ripe for internet parody, whether it’s turning his tweets into Tracy Jordan quotes or quoting him in the captions of New Yorker cartoons. But perhaps nothing of his (save for the Taylor Swift interruption) has spawned a greater number of parodies than his and Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne track “N****s In Paris.” That song has inspired at least two different Owen Wilson Midnight in Paris mashups and plenty of husky white boy dancing. The official video has also inspired seizures; I roll on the floor so hard motherf–kers wanna fine me.

Now “N****s In Paris” has also inspired an HTML5 free in-browser game, called Kanye Zone, which already has over 17,000 likes on Facebook. The game was made by Otter Spice (our favorite Spice Girl).

A user presses keyboard buttons to keep a circling little cut-out face of Kanye from entering a portion of the middle of the screen, labeled as “Zone.” Playing incessantly all the while is the excerpt of the “Paris” where Kanye repeats, “Don’t let me get in my zone.” Users try to oblige his command, and each time this goal is achieved, a series of dollar bill signs burst forward. And when you lose, Jay-Z joins Kanye in saying, “I’m definitely in my zone.” [Metro]

To play the game, just take the information superhighway to the Kanye Zone.

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