Katy Perry’s Seductive Cherry Pie Recipe Has Sparked All Sorts Of Theories About Her New Music

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Katy Perry shared her recipe for cherry pie on Twitter on Monday, and it doesn’t look like it’s her audition for Great British Bake Off. Instead, the juicy recipe has fans thinking that she’ll soon be dropping a song called “Bon Appetit”… and that it might even feature Ariana Grande.

“Bake me a pie and you might get a surprise,” Perry tweeted, sharing the sweet recipe. Seems like a nice gesture, right? But, in the words of Rafiki, look haaaarder. There might be some new lyrics in that recipe.

“Please just take your time/ This pie is gonna hit that sweet tooth, boy/ Calm those hungry eyes/ Bon Appétit, baby!” All those lines don’t usually appear in recipes, unless I’ve been using the wrong cookbooks.

So what is Perry cooking up? Fans have linked the last line of the recipe — “Bon Appétit, baby!” — with something she said on the red carpet at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

“There’s going to be all kinds of stuff on [the album] and don’t worry, you’re going to have some of that good, old Katy Perry fluffy stuff that you love so much,” she told Ryan Seacrest. “I have one song called ‘Bon Appétit’ that I love. It’s pretty sexual.”

Apparently, Perry has already given fans a clip of the song on her Instagram story:

From that clip, some people have deduced that Ariana Grande is featured on the track, given the ad-libs and the vocal harmonies. It would make sense, since Grande does have a sweet tooth.

Since posting the pie recipe, Perry has been judging the cherry pies being baked for her via social media.

She said this one was the winner:

No matter how you slice it, Perry’s next album is definitely on the way. So far, we’ve heard “Chained to the Rhythm,” featuring Skip Marley. And although Perry has said that she wants to dive into more “purposeful pop,” it seems as though she’ll still be serving up her sticky confections.