Katy Perry Is Really Digging This Guy’s Incredible ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ Cosplay

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Cosplaying Katy Perry involves lots of bright colors, custom pineapple neckties and a platinum bob — not something the casual costumer can pull off. Somehow, Gabriel Suárez Mahugo has mastered all of it… and threw in a “Chained To The Rhythm”-themed amusement park for good measure. And Perry approves.

Mahugo, who goes by @gabrielin12 online, got Perry’s attention by cosplaying her “Chained To The Rhythm” single art outfit — you know, the one with the cerulean eyeshadow, faux fur vest and most confident of mugs? Check it out:

So good! Mahugo, who lives in Spain, pulled off the outfit for the Carnival celebrations going on across the globe, and in another Instagram, you can see that the blue button-down has custom “Katy Perry” lettering in the back. It’s all about the details, people.

One picture of Mahugo, however, got the attention of Ms. KatyCat herself. The nighttime shot has him posing in front of carnival rides — one of them has a giant sign illuminated with the word “Oblivia,” the same name as the theme park in Perry’s “Chained To The Rhythm” video. Whether that’s a product of clever Photoshopping or an actual ride, it was the special effect that had Katy tweeting, “yesssssss…”

The KP fan was shocked by the mention, to say the least:

Mahugo is no stranger to cosplay, by the way. He’s even taken on Frida Kahlo and the Madhatter:

As for his Katy Perry cosplay, it might take a while for someone to one up him.