Keith Richards Implied The Beatles Kinda Sucked At Playing Live

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Keith Richards has never been one to hold back. It doesn’t matter if it’s an opinion or a opioid; restraint has never been Richards’ strong suit. And now that he’s older, well, why reverse course now? Everyone knows that one of the best parts about getting older is that with each passing year, the amount of crazy, completely random things you can say at any given moment increases. So at 72, Richards can pretty much say anything and get away with it.

Earlier this week, this theory was put to the test by coming for one of the most beloved bands of all time. In a recent interview, Richards gave his take on of all things, the Beatles as a live band. It’s not exactly a hot take seeing as how the Beatles’ last concert was in 1969, but it’s a take nonetheless with two living members still touring.

“Musically, the Beatles had a lovely sound and great songs. But the live thing? They were never quite there,” he told the Radio Times.

Uh, shots fired I guess?

Richards is currently promoting a new documentary, Keith Richards: The Origin of the Species, airing on BBC2 on July 23. The documentary dives into Richards’ childhood in the town of Kent during the years following World War II. Richards is also in the studio with the Rolling Stones, who are working on their first album since 2005’s A Bigger Bang. As of yet, there’s been no comment from Paul McCartney, whose most recent Out There! tour made $270 million.

(Via NME)