Kelela Applies The Pressure In Her New Video For ‘Enough For Love’

Still hot off the release of her sophomore album, Raven, Kelela has shared a new music video. Her latest visual accompanies “Enough For Love.”

On this song, she seeks to permeate her man’s ego, and challenge him to invite the feelings of love in. She repeatedly asks, “Are you tough enough for love” in the song’s chorus.

In the video, she is seen dancing in her home, alongside her partner. The walls then come down, and she is floating on a mattress in the middle of the ocean. In other scenes, she whispers in the man’s ear, asking “are you tough enough for love.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Kelela revealed that the inspiration for the album wasn’t found within one singular person. However, she understands why some people might come to that conclusion, given how ingrained archaic masculinity is in the male mind.

“Male behavior is so patterned that it will have you thinking that each song is about the same person,” she said. “I had to tell somebody, ‘When you hear the record, you’re going to think that the songs are about this situation, but that’s how patterned y’all’s behavior be.’”

You can watch the “Enough For Love” video above.