Check Out The Lost, Handwritten Verse From Kendrick Lamar’s Song ‘PRIDE.’

Kendrick Lamar’s newest album DAMN. hasn’t even been out for a full day yet and the Internet is already being overwhelmed by speculation that he’s about to drop another one this weekend. Some people are still trying to come to grips with the densely layered beats and vocals that K. Dot has assembled, while others are loudly clamoring for more. Adding on to the dizzying array of content to process, TDE President Terrence “Punch” Henderson decided to flex on Instagram Thursday night and shared a picture of the lost verse from the song “PRIDE.”

“How about this pic I got from Dot of a lost verse for the song PRIDE,” Punch wrote before posting up a shot of a notepad with some handwritten lyrics on it. For ease of reading, you can check out the discarded lyrics transcribed below.

“Pride is my biggest sin / I tried to fight it but I never win / Lay’n down in the beds I made / Karma is always knocking’ with capital K’s / It started when I was tossin’ my life in the sand / Cross’n the street Momma don’t you hold my hand / Time revealing itself, my ways are magnified / Same patterns requiring that I never camouflaged / Looking at me in shock you found my identity / Asking yourself do I have room 4 empathy / Everything is subject to change but not me.”