Key Glock Is Flanked By Classical Violinists In His Frenetic ‘Son Of A Gun’ Video

Memphis rapper Key Glock has swiftly become one of 2020’s rising stars, releasing two full-length projects this year and generating an increasingly louder buzz around his name with each release. Today, KG released the video for the title track from the second LP, Son Of A Gun, utilizing the song’s frenetic classical sample by flanking himself with a pair of violinists. The video is shot through with quick-flash imagery of dollar bills, flames, and the album’s cover, which features a very young Key Glock and his mother for whom the album is named.

Key Glock’s buzz went from a dull roar to fans’ thunderous clamoring after the release of Young Dolph and Key Glock’s 2019 project Dum And Dummer, on which Dolph gave his young protege near-free run of the project’s back half, setting him up for stardom. KG followed up earlier this year with Yellow Tape, a 16-track reintroduction that sated both day-ones and cemented his standing among the newer fans Dum And Dummer had garnered him. Striking while the iron was blazing hot with the release of Son Of A Gun, Glock not only demonstrated a ridiculous work ethic but assured fans that they could expect consistency from him as he broke out and became more of a mainstream presence.

Watch Key Glock’s “Son Of A Gun” video above.