The Killers Performed With Sir Paul McCartney At A Russian Billionaire’s New Year’s Bash

New Year’s Eve isn’t just a day for hiding drunk under the blankets to emerge for the occasional bit of adult entertainment. There are humans, apparently dozens of ’em, that like to go out and “do things” on December 31st. It’s perverse, but we’ll allow it.

Russian billionaire (expect to hear that term a lot more in 2017) and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich threw a decadent New Year’s Eve bash to close out 2016 and that party included The Killers pairing with a Beatle for a surprise “Helter Skelter” duet. The concert took place at Abramovich’s St. Bart’s estate and it seemed like folks were having a nice time.

“So far, so good,” note the Las Vegas rock outfit in the caption for the Sir Paul McCartney co-starring clip. At present, the video has already logged over 1.2 million views.

Getting marquee names for his NYE soirees is sort of Abramovich’s end-of-the-year gimmick. In previous years, he’s had Beyoncé, Prince and Red Hot Chili Peppers swing by to perform tunes for his guests. His ability to pull out dough and get famous folks to spend New Year’s with him seems like something President-elect Donald Trump might ask about when he chats with Vladmir Putin.

(Via Billboard)

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