Kim Petras Continues Her Pop Reign With The Summer Hookup Anthem ‘Do Me’

Kim Petras will not let us rest. The German pop singer has been releasing singles at a truly wild pace — her new one marks her sixth in as many weeks. With any other artist, the onslaught of new singles might have diminishing returns. With a single coming every few days, is that really enough time to digest and enjoy each one? Wouldn’t you think the shine would wear off at some point?

This is Kim Petras, so the shine is never wearing off. And her new single, “Do Me,” might be the best song she’s put out in her career so far. Over some hazy, very ’80s synths, Petras sings her ode to a lover who knows her like no one else. Petras knows her man is bad for her, but when he makes her feel so good, it’d be ridiculous to overthink about his moral credentials.

The song is playfully composed, full of unexpected vocal flourishes. “Had me hitting notes,” she sings, one of the song’s many innuendos. She repeats “high notes” in an extra-high soprano for effect. And although “Do Me” isn’t as hip-hop inspired as some of her recent singles, the song still fits well into the collection. She fires off bar after bar of innuendos in the verses, her confidence carrying her through her most daring vocal feats yet.

Listen to “Do Me” above.