Listen To Kurt Cobain Cover The Beatles’ ‘And I Love Her’

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No current artist will ever attain the immortality that Kurt Cobain has. This isn’t meant as a comment on the state of sound, it’s just an acknowledgement that the world has been forever dented by technology. Unlike with Kurt, there will be no mysteries left to uncover, no additional chapters left to assemble when artists pass. All sounds will be in the cloud, all thoughts spread out across social media and 10,000 interviews. I could be wrong, but I doubt that we’ll continue to find stray messages in a bottle for today’s stars as we have with Cobain, thanks to his journals, his lost songs, and random moments committed to tape like this loose recording of Cobain performing The Beatles’ “And I Love Her.” I wonder what Cobain was thinking when he recorded this, certainly not that it would reach the masses and that people would care 21 years after his death.

The track was uncovered by director Brett Morgen while preparing material for the upcoming Cobain documentary, Montage of Heck, which is now in select extra special theaters and premieres on HBO on May 4.  It sounds as though someone is picking at their guitar and singing the song at the graveside of a lost love. Which is to say that it sounds exactly like you would think a Kurt Cobain version of that song would sound.

(Via Consequence of Sound)