Lady Gaga Is Here To Talk To You About Joint Pain On The Cover Of ‘Arthritis’ Magazine

If Lady Gaga, pop powerhouse and female role model, wasn’t already an inspiration for just about everyone, now she’s one for those suffering from RA, or rheumatoid arthritis. Her most recent cover story isn’t on Rolling Stone or Paper Magazine, as you may have expected. Actually, she’s on the cover of Arthritis magazine, as seen in the tweet above.

In the tweet, user Kim Evans posted a photo of the cover and opened up saying “thank you so much for telling your story.” Lady Gaga’s appearance on this magazine and her determination to push forward through her joint pain to reach her dreams is already making a profound impact. Her willingness to be vulnerable and appear on the cover of something other than a music publication or high fashion magazine is definitely a feat for the pop star.

Speaking of feats, remember Gaga’s epic Super Bowl performance? She literally jumped off the top of the arena and was propelled down to the main stage, despite her chronic hip pain. As she said on the cover of Arthritis magazine, “Hip pain can’t stop me!”

Gaga has spoken up about PTSD, body shaming, and now arthritis. No matter what you suffer from, Gaga is a firm believer that you conquer “pain with [your] passion.”

Here’s another tweet including some photos of the cover story spread inside the magazine.