Lady Gaga Went To Trump Tower To Protest The Presidential Election Results

While most of us are still struggling to wrap our heads around the idea of president-elect Donald Trump, Lady Gaga has already become the first big name to protest the soon-to-be leader of the free world. Mother Monster rode down to Trump Tower in Manhattan in the wee hours of November 9 to stage a one-woman protest of the newly elected leader.

Gaga stood outside the building on the side-steps of a sanitation truck and held up a sign that read “Love Trumps Hate.” She tweeted out a photo of her protest with the caption “I want to live in a #CountryOfKindness where #LoveTrumpsHate.” She also changed her Twitter name to the sunny-side hashtag, which led to her fans using it to spread messages of compassion, solidarity and positivity.

Gaga’s protest took it a step further than the majority of the music world, who were busy expressing shock via their phones like the rest of the United States. While we were all busy stress-tweeting, Gaga took the first step and reminded the world that we don’t have to roll over and accept the results of last night’s election. While Gaga may have gotten the jump on everyone to become the first pop star in the streets over the way the election shook out, we highly doubt she’ll be the last.