Lady Gaga Went Full Sinatra While Covering ‘New York, New York’

In celebration of what would have been Ol’ Blue Eyes’ 100th birthday (December 12; he was willing to sell his soul to the Devil to live until 200, but the Mafia already owned it), CBS aired Sinatra 100: An All-Star Grammy Concert last night. Celine Dion sang “All the Way,” Family Guy‘s Seth MacFarlane performed “One for My Baby (and One More the Road),” and Garth Brooks contributed “The Lady Is a Tramp.” Some covers were better, and more made sense, than others, but none were as good as Lady Gaga’s “New York, New York.”

Her outfit was more MJ than the Chairman of the Board, but otherwise, Gaga was all Sinatra, even doing some of his poses. It was a brash and jazzy rendition (of a song Frank hated), which is what happens when you spend weekends with Tony. At this point, Gaga should be invited to every award show and tribute, as long as she sings about demons with dildos.