Lady Gaga Pays Tribute To David Bowie With Her Grammys Outfit

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02.15.16 3 Comments

The world loves you David.

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Before Monday evening’s Grammys, Lady Gaga released a tearful Instagram video while a prep team attended to her makeup job. Her caption simply read, “The world loves you David.” Once Gaga stepped onto the red carpet, the reason for her unyielding tears grew even clearer. Gaga’s ensemble stands as a direct callback to her idol, David Bowie. Now, Gaga’s grown accustomed to being a show stopper on her own accord, but tonight’s planned tribute should be a guaranteed highlight. After all, the showrunners specifically asked Gaga to lead a tribute on the most important musical night of the year.

Bowie held an undeniable influence on many of tonight’s highlighted artists, and his death weighs heavily on the television audience as well. Gaga seems ready to properly send off Bowie, for she’s clearly been settling into the mindset since his death. Her devotion to the cause should be no surprise. Many of her early, attention-grabbing costumes (and her makeup) were fashioned after Bowie’s own morphing personas. And over the weekend, Gaga revved up for her performance with a massive Bowie tattoo.

Lo and behold, Marc Jacobs crafted this outfit specifically for the occasion.

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