Lana Del Rey Answers Questions From Famous Fans Like Kim Kardashian, Stevie Nicks, And Others

The past week hasn’t been easy for Lana Del Rey in light of the kidnapping attempt against her, but she can at least smile knowing that she is widely beloved and has some fans in high places. In a new feature for the first issue of L’Officiel USA, Del Rey does a bunch of mini interviews with a highly esteemed group, answering questions from Kim Kardashian, Courtney Love, Stevie Nicks, Grimes, Alessandro Michele, Sean Lennon, Marina And The Diamonds, BØRNS, and Rick Nowels.

Given the broad range of interviewers, the questions and answers are also diverse. She told Kardashian that Joan Baez was a big style influence for her growing up, made plans to hang out with Nicks this summer, talked about artificial intelligence with Grimes, and told BØRNS (a collaborator of hers) that if there was one thing she would change about the music industry, it would be “more female producers.”

Also, the award for strangest question goes to Courtney Love: “Why have you stolen my unconscious and made me your musical slave?”

The interview also includes a section of fan-submitted questions, and perhaps the most interesting morsel to come out of that is the fact that Del Rey is currently working on a musical: “I thought about writing a biopic about someone that wasn’t real. Actually, I was asked to write a musical, which I’ve started. It was for Broadway. I may finish in two or three years. Me and Rick [Nowels] have written something, so we’ll see.”

Read the full interview here.