Lana Del Rey’s Starry-Eyed ‘Love’ Video Makes Teenage Romance Feel Cosmic

After sharing her brand new single “Love” this weekend, Lana Del Rey has dropped an accompanying video that starts off black and white, and eventually bleeds into technicolor. The song is probably her biggest pop song so far, even if it stays in the same sluggish-sweet Lana lane, claiming that being young and in love is better than anything on earth.

Can’t say she’s even wrong on that front, but the video drives it home, with Lana singing to audiences of young, dreamy-eyed kids who are eager to hear a message this uplifting among all the other information they’re receiving.

There’s a sci-fi element to the video, with cars, teens, skateboards and more getting blown out into space, or swimming in a lake under the enormous moon and getting caught in a meteor shower. By the end of it, Lana is singing the song from the moon, where she looks right at home. It’s an interesting take on the foreign, unstoppable power of young love; by setting the experiences of these teenagers out in space Lana helps emphasize how all-encompassing everything feels when you’re that age.

Juxtaposing all that with normal shots at the beach or the ice cream shop help contextualize it all, as just another meditation on the cosmic power of the teenage experience. In an era where teens are so often derided, it’s pretty incredible to see Lana elevate them in this way. The starry-eyed video was directed by Rich Lee, watch above.