Lana Del Rey’s ‘Mariners Apartment Complex’ Only Has Three Stars On Yelp

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New Lana Del Rey arrived this afternoon like a light summer rain, and the title of her new track left little to the imagination. “Mariners Apartment Complex” is just a quick Google search away from discovery, a series of apartments right on the water in Marina Del Rey. Actually, it never occurred to me that Lana Del Rey as a stage name just might’ve been pulled from that seaside neighborhood? Anyway, when the apartment complex comes up on Yelp, it’s not anything super fancy.

Sure, it’s right on the water, but it only has a measly three stars. This isn’t high-end celebrity shit by any means.

Via Yelp

This is right in line with Lana’s habit of hanging out by herself out in public in LA, the city she’s spent most of her time in over the last several years, settling into a folk-pop sprite-glam role that suits her just fine. The Stevie Nicks of our era, if you will, and one who is not plagued by a contentious band of ex-lovers and collaborators who hold her back. It’s unclear if the grainy, black and white video that came with “Mariners Apartment Complex” was shot there at the complex, but it doesn’t look like it, there’s no buildings or markers in sight aside from shots of the ocean mixed in.

Then again, if you go to the website for the apartments, it makes them look pretty fancy — gotta love the real estate world. Oh, and their official title is Mariners Village Apartment Homes, so perhaps Lana took a little artistic license, as she should. “Venice Bitch” is reportedly the title of her next single and both will be on a new album that is slated to come early 2019. Next year can’t come quickly enough — maybe it’ll be the year I make my dream of moving to the west side reality. Check out her new song below.