Lana Del Rey Is Full Of Longing On Her Gorgeous New Song, ‘Mariners Apartment Complex’

Earlier today, word came out that two new Lana Del Rey songs were imminent, with “Mariners Apartment Complex” expected today, followed by “Venice B*tch” coming on September 18. Both tracks feature production from Jack Antonoff and accompanying visuals made in collaboration with Lana’s sister, Chuck. Fortunately, the wait was a short one, as “Mariners Apartment Complex” is already available to listen to and download.

For those that were worried about Antonoff changing Del Rey’s sound, those worries are instantly alleviated once listening to the song. The cut is woozy and seductive in classic Lana fashion, full of a longing that’s given a push once she pushes her whispery talk-singing to a soaring chorus. “I’m your man,” she sings on the track, ever so wistful and with a knowing wink that her music always contains. If this is what the rest of her upcoming album sounds like, which is expected in 2019, then her fans should rest easy knowing that Lana is still on her usual wavelength, finding new and interesting ways to draw emotions from her sepia-tinged aesthetic.

Give Lana Del Rey’s new song, “Mariners Apartment Complex,” a listen above and stay tuned for more from the beloved artist in the coming weeks.