The LAPD Is Investigating Beyonce Fans For Hacking Alleged ‘Becky With The Good Hair’ Rachel Roy

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When Beyonce unleashed Lemonade on an unsuspecting public this past April, the subject matter of the album caught us off-guard, as she seemed to be calling out Jay-Z for his infidelity in front of the entire world. One lyric that particularly stood out came from the track “Sorry,” in which she repeats the phrase “he better call Becky with the good hair” twice. That phrase immediately entered the cultural lexicon, and Beyonce’s fans wondered with baited breath who the identity of Becky was. The prevailing theory was that she was referring to fashion designer Rachel Roy, who was previously married to Jay-Z’s former collaborator, Dame Dash.

Roy didn’t do herself any favors when, on the same night that Lemonade dropped, she posted an Instagram photo with the caption “good hair, don’t care.” Beyonce fans responded by posting a barrage of negative comments and threats on her page, while some confused folks went after Rachael Ray, who was nothing more than an innocent bystander. The whole thing was a wild scene, and apparently, it’s still not over.

Now, it’s come out that some Beyonce fans may have responded by hacking Roy. A few days after the ugly business went down, Roy told Los Angeles police that her Gmail and iCloud had been hacked, and that her phone number had been changed. Now, according to TMZ, the LAPD has been given a search warrant to look through phone and email records to see if they can figure out who was behind the hack. We can’t say for sure if they’ll catch the culprit, but this story is a reminder about the dangers of taking music fandom too seriously. Hopefully now, the more rabid members of Beyhive will calm down a bit, or they may be going to jail over a pop star they’ve probably never met.

(Via Stereogum)