This Austrian Radio Host Loves Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ More Than Anyone Else

Throughout the month of December, listening to the same Christmas music over and over again can become rather taxing. The same few songs are played over and over again, sometimes with different artists taking their turns at the same tune. So, it makes sense that Christmas music is polarizing — people either love the tradition of Christmas music or they hate it unequivocally. Austrian Radio DJ Joe Kohlhofer is clearly one of the people who loves Christmas music, and he apparently likes to torture everyone listening to Austrian Radio Station, Antenne Kärnten, regardless of what side of the debate they are on.

During Friday’s radio show, Kohlhofer went rogue and barricaded himself into his studio with a chair not allowing anyone in. He used his newfound alone time to play Wham!’s Last Christmas 24-straight times. Yes, you read that correctly. Kohlhofer played the Wham! Christmas classic for almost two hours-straight. Between each time the song would play, Kohlhofer would take calls from disgruntled listeners and other station employees, convincing them that he’d stop, only before starting the track all over again. The reign of festive terror did not cease until the station got his daughter on the line who pleaded with him to stop playing the song after 24 full listens. Upon his exit from his studio, the other station employees had some fun at Kohlhofer’s expense, tying him up to a chair and putting caution tape over his mouth like the Last Christmas maniac deserved. The stunt was all in good fun, but will likely lead to Kohlhofer’s Last Christmas with Christmas hosting duties.

(via Mashable)