Latto Shuts Down A Cleveland Rapper’s Accusations Of Plagiarism

A new song Atlanta rapper Latto recently shared drew negative attention from another female rapper who had a similar concept, prompting her to address accusations of plagiarism from the other rapper. On December 22, Latto shared a clip of the new song on TikTok, along with a video of herself posing for photos in bejeweled lingerie while holding a goat on a leash (get it, GOAT?). Over the sparse beat, Latto can be heard rapping, “It’s giving boss bitch.”

That was the key phrase that set off Cleveland rapper Big Indo, who posted to her Instagram comparing Latto’s new song to her own track, “Givin’ Me.” She also noted similarities in the skeletal production, saying, “NOT THE BEAT TOO just higher tempo.” Along with her song, she also posted a few slides of photos in a similar bikini.

However, when the story was picked up by gossip blogs, the “Big Energy” rapper responded on her Instagram story, shooting down the comparison. “It’s givin… nobody,” she wrote. “Y’all really think I’m 1 of the 14 ppl that listened to her before??? Lmao I cannot make thi shit up. I’m over here frustrated af cause IVE NEVER HEARD OF OR SEEN SHAWTY EVER IN MY LIFE!!!! DON’T FLATTER YOURSELF! Never heard of this bitch, seen her, listened to … NOTHING! Y’all be giving y’all self too much credit. Everybody says “it’s giving” I just so happened to make a song using the REGULAR ASS BASIC ASS term.”