Lena Dunham Goes Full Iggy Azalea In Her Clinton-Endorsing ‘Sensual Pantsuit Anthem’ Rap

11.03.16 2 years ago

This year, I spent a few months binge-watching through the five seasons of HBO’s Girls and trying to con my way into an extra role several times while passing the production trucks walking through Brooklyn. I really like the show! It’s funny, smart, and (sometimes) very relatable.

Today, the show’s mastermind Lena Dunham released a video via Funny or Die in support of Hillary Clinton called “Sensual Pantsuit Anthem,” which sees Dunham rapping under the name ‘MC Pantsuit,’ proclaiming the various reasons why voters should choose Hillary Clinton for President at the polls next week. To make a long story short, “the plan is to win against hatred and slurs, break it down in three words: I’m with her.”

The video also features Cynthia Erivo, who takes a verse to praise Clinton, and Charlamagne tha God. Charlamagne serves as the comedic “straight man” to Dunham’s eccentric character, making it clear that the sketch is not intended to be anything more than comedy. “Not really sure I understand the logic here. The rap is trash, and why are you wearing Hillary’s lingerie?” Charlamagne asks as Dunham bounces around spitting elementary rhymes about the left and the right. Charlamagne furthers the self-awareness by questioning Dunham’s tactics again: “I’m not sure how appropriating Iggy Azalea’s culture is going to help Hillary win, though.”

As of right now, the video is about three-quarters of the way toward the “die” side of the Funny Or Die scale. Check it out in full below.

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